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OsoCozy Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds


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100% cotton twill weave unbleached prefold cloth diapers that are soft, durable and highly absorbent! These are made in Pakistan with luxurious Indian cotton. These diapers are the rave of the cloth diapering community. Because they are unbleached they have a natural ivory cotton color to them.

Traditional fit prefold cloth diapers can be secured to baby with diaper pins, Snappi fasteners, or placed in diaper cover and trifolded (sides folded over the middle) with the extra length then folded over in front or back for additional absorbency. Many additional ways of folding these diapers can be found such as the angel wing fold, the bikini twist, and others. These versitile work-horses have been the standard since prefold diapers replace flat diapers in the late 1960's.

"Better Fit" prefolds are sized to fit in a diaper cover without extra folding at the front, as is usually required for standard prefolds. This less bulky and easier to use prefold style is growing in popularity. It is specifically made and sized to be used inside a diaper cover using a trifold type fold as per the pictures. The trifold type fold does not require Snappi fasteners or diaper pins.

Preemie prefolds are 2x6x2 (6 layers of cotton in the middle section, 2 layers on the side sections), and the rest are 4x8x4 ply, to keep those leaks at bay! Preemie prefolds are also great for use as doublers when baby gets older.

Please note that these prefolds must be washed and dried at least 5-6 times in order to wash off the natural oils that are present, in order to maximize their absorbency. Prefolds will shrink about 5-10% after prepping.

Sizing (approximate)

Preemie: 4-10lbs
Infant: 7-15lbs
Premium: 15-30lbs
Toddler: 30-45lbs

Dimensions (unwashed)

Preemie: 9.5" x 13"
Better Fit Infant: 12.5" x 13.5"
Infant: 12" x 16"
Better Fit Premium: 14.5" x 16"
Premium: 14.5" x 22"
Better Fit Toddler: 15.5" x 18.5"
Toddler: 17.5" x 23"

Additional Info

Country of ManufacturePakistan


Absorbent, but scrunch up as inserts in Flips , 2/11/17
By Nicole
I purchased 12 Better Fit Infants. Prepped them by boiling them in a canning pot for 30 minutes, washing on hot, drying, washing on hot, drying. They fit my diaper covers well length-wise. My babe gives no sign of noticing when he's soiled or voided the OsoCozy (some babies wake and cry right away with certain inserts). The only issue is that these, paired with Flip covers, scrunch up from the back and get messy after baby's had a decent poo (and we try to change him 12+ times a day because he is a pooping machine compared to the average newborn).
Infant Premium size great w newborn! , 5/26/16
By Lisa
I bought the Infant Premium size and am loving them with babe #3. As my first try at pre folds (previously used pockets) I am very happy!
You won't regret it! , 4/8/16
By Rebecca
There is nothing that I do not like about these prefolds!
My husband and I are new parents and first time cloth diaper users and we love them! So versatile, soft, absorbent, and easy to use! We use them with Thristies & Blueberry covers, and add an extra hemp booster at night.
Was nervous to start cloth diapering, and was even more nervous that my husband wouldn't like it, but we both really like it! And I also love the natural color, which I was not sure if I would!
I would recommend these prefolds to anyone!
My favorites , 3/8/16
By Stephanie
These are the majority of my 'newborn' stash. My kids are big at birth so normal newborn diapers don't fit. My solution? Get infant sized prefolds. And these ones wash up so soft and fluffy. My 2.5 year old likes to snappy them onto his dolls when they need a bum change. So if you get smaller sized ones that's yet another use out of these versatile diapers.
Great Value , 10/17/15
By David
These are a great product for the budget friendly wallet. Multi purpose, hold up very well over many washes, and great to use a doublers, liners, burp cloths, wipes. The simplicity makes it easy for a first time cloth diaper parent. There is no "wrong" way to fasten it, great for the not so origami skilled dad.
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