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GroVia Shell Snap Closure


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Need to expand your stash of GroVia shells? Looking for a super trim cover to go over fitted or prefold cloth diapers? Now you can buy the highly acclaimed GroVia shell by itself, without soaker pads. These shells use snaps for the closure system. Fits 8 to 30 lbs.

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Slim fitting diaper , 7/22/16
By Jan
I like these shells because they have a narrow crotch and are not as fluffy as other cloth diapers. Great quality as well, but keep in mind they are not a good fit over fitted diapers.
Fit Well , 5/12/16
By Kayla
I bought these covers to go with my prefolds and for the most part they are amazing. I have had no leaks (with the exception of the occasional explosion my daughter decides to gift me with every now and again), and fit her very well, especially after she reached the 9lbs mark. My only complaint is the cloth mesh on the inside of the cover makes it impossible to wipe so there is definitely a limit to how many uses in a row I can use a cover (manufacture reccomends changing twice a day) but I'm more like three because she is a heavy wetter.
Best swim diaper! , 3/16/16
By Kait
We use this as our primary swim diaper and it is terrific. Since baby is ebf, I've lived in fear of a pool poop but it has happened twice now with no noticeable leakage! If I squish her diaper (against my arm while carrying or on the change table) some yellow liquid does come out, but I've never noticed it while we're swimming and any solid or mucus bits stay inside. It also works great as a cover over our flats and fits small enough that I plan to use it right from newborn with the next baby.
like fit , 12/31/15
By Kelli
like the fit of these, and they are pretty trim, however after a few pees they get smelly quickly, and need to be washed.
Good Eco-Friendly Option , 10/15/15
By Jenn
I really like all of the GroVia diaper products, but I prefer their AI2 Hybrid system. I love the versatility of using any insert and reusing the cover, but the ease of snapping in their Stay Dry inserts. They fit my baby well, and I haven't yet experienced any leaks.

I personally prefer the personalized fit of their Hook and Loop closure, but the snaps on these are very secure. I just find that my baby is currently between snap sizes. The feel of the outer fabric is not my favourite, but it is soft enough and the texture improves with washing. Finally, if there are any messes that go through or past the inserts, I find it difficult or impossible to clean up the mesh surface without laundering compared to the waterproof lining of some other shells, such as the Flip. However, I can usually get 2 or 3 uses out of a shell before switching/laundering.

I like that these can be prepped in advance by snapping in the liners to make for easier night-time changes, or if someone else is changing baby. Right now, my son is using the smallest rise, and the liners do stick out a bit, which is annoying to fold in for a perfect fit. I think this problem will improve once he's into the medium rise.
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