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cloth diapers

All-In-OnesAlso known as AIO's, all-in-ones are fitted diapers that have an outer waterproof layer. These diapers are ideal for out-of-home use, as they are very similar to disposables.
One Size DiapersAs the name implies, one-size diapers are designed to adjust so that they grow with your baby. Typically, different sets of snaps will adjust the rise and height of the diaper so that the diaper will fit your baby from birth to potty-training.
Pocket DiapersPocket diapers are a two-piece diapering system typically with a piece of fleece that makes up the inner portion of fabric, and a waterproof outer layer. An absorbent material is placed inside of the two pieces, making the whole system act as an all-in-one system that keeps babies dry.
Fitted DiapersFitted diapers resemble disposable diapers in that they have a contoured shape and have gathered edges around the legs, and fasten with either velcro or snaps. However, as with prefold diapers, a waterproof diaper cover is necessary.
Pre-fold DiapersPre-fold diapers are rectangular shaped diapers that are divided lengthwise in 3 sections. The outer sections usually have a thickness of 4 layers. The middle section, which requires the most absorbency, can have 6 or 8 layers. They can be enclosed in a velcro- or snap-fastened waterproof cover, or can be pinned with safety pins or Snappi fasteners.
Diaper CoversCovers are for use with your fitted and pre-fold diapers. They are usually made from polyester or vinyl, but wool and fleece covers are also used, typically for night-time use (for their breathability).