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Dimpleskins Naturals Bum Bum Balm Diaper Cream


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ZINC-FREE! Apply to diaper area at each diaper change. A must in every diaper bag and an excellent choice for cloth diapers. Pure, unbleached, Canadian beeswax provides a nice barrier on the skin, helping to keep moisture away, while organic Calendula oil provides natural healing properties for rashes.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, pure unbleached Beeswax, organic Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Calendula Oil (infused in Sunflower Oil), Cocoabutter, Vitamin e Oil (derived from pure Soybean oil), pure Lavender essential oil.

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Great balm , 5/25/16
By Muhammad Faraz
Smells delicious, cures red butts in one diaper change. Very convenient for on-the-go n the changing station. Non-sticky so applies easily.
Love it , 5/5/15
By Laura
Dimpleskins is a great quality brand. This stuff is perfect complement to cloth diapering
Our go to for bottom care , 9/7/14
By Andrea
This products works every time! Thankfully my son doesn't suffer from diaper rash often, but when he does it is nasty. This balm cleared it up every time without reducing the effectiveness of our cloth diapers. I only used it when necessary and only need a bit, so it lasts a long time.
Amazing!!! , 6/12/14
By Colleen
This is hands down the best bum cream I've ever used. My eldest was allergic to anything that wasn't organic or natural and this was the one item that didn't bother her skin; it healed it. I use this on my new baby and it is amazing at keeping away diaper rash. She's asleep in a cloth diaper 9-12 hours at night (from 7 weeks of age) so she needed a good quality natural barrier! I've also used it on her neck folds as she has reflux and the milk tends to dribble down to the folds (can't catch every drop!) or moisture builds from sweat in the summertime and this keeps her skin from becoming raw. It has cleared up any neck-fold issues we had as well. It smells nice and feels so smooth (other natural products can feel a little grainy). The only downfall is the size. I'd buy buckets of it, if larger sizes were available. Definitely purchase more than one at a time!
A nice little balm , 6/10/14
By Amber
My husband picked some of this up when he forgot the raw coconut ol that we traditionally use. It's nice. It's pleasant. I don't see any reason why I'd stop using the coconut oil.. but this stuff is cute and convenient.
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