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OsoCozy Unbleached Organic Birdseye Flat Diaper


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OsoCozy organic flat diapers are made of 100% unbleached organic birdseye weave cotton, and sewn to dimensions of 27x30.5 inches. Once washed, these diapers shrink to a square of about 26 inches per side, perfect for folding.

Flat diapers are the original cloth nappy our great grand mothers used. These can be folded and closed with pins or a Snappi, or they can be folded into a diaper cover and they make great pocket diaper inserts and doublers. Easy to clean and line dry, even in humid climates. Because of the quick and easy drying, these are also a popular option for international relief programs and orphanges. These diapers are also popular for a variety of other uses such as house cleaning, optical, screen and window cleaning and for applying and removing facials at spas and at home. These diapers are durable and lint free. Each diaper weighs 2.6 ounces, almost 25% heavier than bleached brands found in chain stores.

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Worth your money! , 2/8/17
By Samantha
folded up as an insert, diaper with a fastener, burp rag, blanket... So versatile! Have tried every cloth diapering system on the market, and I think everyone who is wanting to cloth diaper needs some of these in their stash regardless of what style or type the bulk of your stash is. You will get your money's worth out of these, like other reviews say they wash up really well, I prefer these over prefolds anyday. They dry super fast, sun bleach well and are cost effective! We have 12 of these and 10 flour sack towels from wal-mart and if you want to cloth diaper most natural and in expensive, these with covers is the way to go! Just top with a microfleece liner while they are small for the stay-dry feeling..
I love these flats! , 12/31/16
By Courtney
I love these diapers. I chose flats because I don't have a dryer, and these wash so easy and dry so fast on the line, even indoors in the winter. They are the least expensive diaper option, and by far my favourite. I use them with thirsties duo wrap covers. For my baby I use the modified kite fold with jelly roll and a snappi. I fold a days worth in the morning so they are ready when I need them. It only takes 5 minutes! I learned all the folds on you tube and they are easy, and don't need to be perfect to work. Once I got the hang of it, I never get any leaks. Plus I use them as burp cloths, and as rags while nursing. After a few washes they are so soft. So simple, so good.
Multi-purpose, all-around good buy! , 2/2/15
By Elizabeth
Like others, I don't use these primarily for diapers but only because they're still a little large/bulky for my tiny newborn, even using a newborn fold. They are great for folding up and placing under his bum for daily "air time" (to help prevent diaper rash, which my little guy developed while still in hospital) and are perfect used as spit-up/burp cloths, on changing pads, to sleep on (for both me a baby and I leak milk everywhere!) and even as swaddling cloths. They wash wonderfully and remain soft even when air drying. I recommend having at least 10-you'll always find a use for them and you won't be disappointed!
Multipurpose , 8/20/14
We use prefolds primarily because folding a flat still intimidates me - however - these things are FANTASTIC as a all-purpose baby cloth. So soft and so absorbent. I'm excited to try them as a diaper once I concur my fears of folding.
Makes a awesome diaper insert , 3/6/14
By Ashley
I personally really like these but i don't use as a flat i fold up as a insert in a pocket diaper. When used as a insert or could use in a cover i like them cause you can make them whatever size you want! Also I found they wash up nicely, dry super fast and are not crunchy when air dried which is really nice!! They also hold a lot of liquid.
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