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OsoCozy Bamboo / Organic Cotton Flats - 6 Pack


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OsoCozy bamboo/organic cotton flat diapers are 50% bamboo and 50% certified organic cotton. They measure 32 x 35 inches and are 1 layer thick. These diapers will shrink when washed to about 26 x 26 inches. The bamboo gives the diaper extra softness and absorbency, while the added organic cotton makes the diaper sturdy and long lasting.

These are the original cloth diaper still used in many countries. These are a one size fits all diaper that requires folding to properly fit baby. They can be folded to fit babies between 6 and 30 pounds. They can be doubled for use on older children for additional absorbency. Used with pins and plastic pants or with diaper covers or as inserts in pocket diapers. If you have the patience and are willing to do a little bit of folding, then using these diapers will be far and away the least expensive way to comfortably diaper your baby. Because these diapers are only one layer thick, they are easy to clean and dry quickly on your clothesline or in your dryer. As with any reusable cloth diaper, these are an ecological friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

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absolute favorite , 11/13/18
By andrea
I have been using these osocozy bamboo cotton flats for almost 2 years now and absolutely love them! My son has sensitive skin and the natural fibers against his skin doesn't give him any rashes. I love the fact that they are so adjustable and I can pad fold them if im in a hurry. When my son was very little I used to fold them and use a snappy to secure the diaper on him with a cover on. We are going to have our 3rd baby and I plan on getting more of these flats! I love how absorbent they are, and super soft in the beginning.
very soft and absorbent , 12/21/17
By Daniel
I really like these flats, they are so soft! They also absorb well. I use these in "mini kite fold" during the night for my 2 months old. They wash well but it takes longer to dry compared to the OsoCosy unbleached birdseye flat.
perfect , 9/11/16
By Courtney
I love using these pad folded in a pocket diaper. They fit perfectly and can make it through the night with no leaks. They also work great pad folded in a regular cover with more frequent changes. I have larger imagine bamboo flats as well, but I find these osocozy flats fit better inside my pocket diapers and they are much softer.
Soft and absorbent , 11/28/15
By Rachelle
I love these pad folded and used in pocket diapers on my toddler. Haven't had any leaks since I switched to these. Shrank to 24 by 28 inches.
nice but small , 11/25/15
By Jen
really like the fabric but they are really small. smaller than a fst.
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