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Disana Organic Wool Cover

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Made of especially fine, soft 100% organic merino wool, these woollen covers are suitable for even very small babies. Because they are slightly higher in the waist and lower on the legs, they are excellent for stopping leaks.

Wool covers absorb excess urine, which binds with the lanolin – the natural wax on wool fibres – and is neutralised, so if the woollen overpants become a little damp, it is enough to leave it to dry out in the fresh air. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean.

Must be lanolized prior to first use. As well, please lanolize occasionally to maintain its water-resistant nature, and are best washed with a product such as Eucalan.

Disana is a German family-founded company founded over 25 years ago. All disana knitted goods are produced from finished yarns exclusively on their own premises, as well as a neighbouring business they employ. They are consciously committed to in-house production, as they consider this to be the only way to maintain the high ecological and handcrafted standards of their products. All of their products are made of pure natural fibres: organic cotton, organic wool and silk. The high quality of their raw material is guaranteed by the fact that they have been working together with their suppliers for years.

(European) Sizing

These numbers are based on the height of baby. Note that if you have a slimmer baby you may want to size down, or size up if you have a chunkier baby.

62/68: 56-64cm (approx. 0-6 months or 6-13 lbs)
74/80: 66-84cm (approx. 6-12 months or 11-18 lbs)
86/92: 81-94cm (approx. 12-24 months or 17-26 lbs)
98/104: 94-109cm (approx. 2-3 years or 21-35 lbs)

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture


My favourite! , 8/25/17
By Justine
I used these wool covers for my youngest daughter over her fitteds at night; Never had any leaks! I love the extra tall waistband and leg cuffs. They really work together to keep the moisture in! My oldest daughter loved how easy the "wooly" was to put on and take off of her sister and I agree!

Washing is easy and the hold their shape really well!

Just purchased a cover for my babe due in a few months and look forward to buying many more!

The price and quality are awesome!
stop looking buy now! these are the best! , 1/19/17
By wildrivermama
i have used these with two of my kids are they really are the best. they are super comfy and the colours are great and fun too! poop comes off easy with a little water. they don't need to be washed often, as they just need to be spot cleaned when there is poop on them. i have 4 that i rotate and that works great for me. i hang them above the wood stove when they've been spot washed otherwise i just hang in the widow.

you won't be disappointed! :)
Excelent , 8/7/16
By Melissa
I bought these ones because of the many good reviews and because of the price. I am so glad I did, these are perfect. One of mine accidentally got felted a bit, and is slightly smaller, but functions just fine. My DD is now 5 months old and around 15lbs and we can still use the smallest size ones I bought over a prefold. I bought two of the 3rd size recently to fit over her fittds as they no longer fit under the size 1s. These work great as a night time cover, or anytime. I use them throughout the day a lot as my DD's skin does not do well in PUL. They look and work and feel great as shorts over a diaper in the summer. I've had people compliment me on them. WELL worth the price.
So squishy , 3/8/16
By Stephanie
I just got my first disana cover today and it is so squishy and think I can't imagine it not working over night!
The Cadillac of Wool Soakers , 6/22/15
I was a bit put off by how funny they look in pictures with no baby in them, but Disana wool covers really are amazing. The price is also kind of amazing considering the organic merino wool is super soft and they are made in Germany.

We've converted both of our kids to woolies at night, and I haven't been disappointed. No leaks, no rash on the bums in the morning for months now. I'm even converting to using wool covers in the day.

The fit of these diapers is great for no leaks - extra tall waist and long leg cuffs do the trick. The sizing is pretty flexible - my 2 year old fits in both the 12 month and the 2 year old size - neither will give leaks, even though the small is snug and the large is loosey goosey.

I've accidentally felted one, and it still works fine, it's just a tad smaller.

Washing is easy - we use Eucalan and top up with a little extra lanolin. A toothbrush helps gently remove EBF poo. Drying is a drag as it takes forever, but that's part of the magic of wool.
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